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Ways to Give

Outright Contributions

You can direct your Annual Fund gift to SHARE, the World Fund, or an area of focus fund.

As is often said, “cash is always accepted.” In reality, however, the Rotary Foundation is always pleased to accept outright contributions.

There are a number of ways you can contribute to the various funds within the Foundation by donating cash, tangible property or securities. Here are some ways that you can use to make direct contributions to the TRF —

Online Contributions

ONLINE: Outright gifts can be made easily with The Rotary Foundation’s secure Online Contribution System.


MAIL:  Make check payable to “The Rotary Foundation.”  Send it with the completed Contribution form (PDF) to the this address: The Rotary Foundation, 14280 Collections Center Dr., Chicago, IL 60693

Credit Card

MAIL OR ONLINE: To make a contribution with a credit card, complete the Contribution form (PDF) or use the secure Online Contribution System.

Tangible personal property

Gifts of tangible personal property, such as jewelry or artwork, are given careful consideration on a case-by-case basis.

The Rotary Foundation’s general guidelines specify that gifts of jewelry be worth at least US$10,000 and gifts of artwork be valued at a minimum of $25,000. Gifts must also be accompanied by a written proposal, which must include a qualified appraisal, photograph, and supporting materials, such as authentication papers.

Contact:  To make a gift of tangible personal property, contact the Gift Administration department.


Contributing appreciated securities to The Rotary Foundation may benefit in two ways:

  • Donor may avoid paying capital gains taxes
  • Donor may receive a charitable tax deduction

Stocks and mutual funds can be transferred either electronically or by mail.

Detailed instructions can be found on the Rotary website at the SECURITIES Section.

Do not mail stock certificates to the Foundation’s post office box.

ASSIGNING SECURITIES:  When donating U.S. stock or U.S.. mutual funds, complete a Publicly Traded Securities form  with the gift. 

For additional information on making a gift of stock, or if you’re interested in contributing mutual funds, bonds, or closely held securities, read the Rotary Web SECURITIES section. or contact the Gift Administration department.

Real Estate

Making a gift of real estate to the Foundation may afford you financial benefits. Consult your financial adviser about your personal circumstances.

To initiate the process, you must obtain an independent qualified appraisal of the property. The property’s value should be at least $100,000 (or $25,000 for undeveloped land) if you wish to make an outright gift to the Foundation. If you’re interested in funding a charitable remainder trust, the property should be worth at least $100,000.

Contact: If a gift of real estate is believed to be a benefit to the donor and the Foundation, Contact the Gift Administration Department.

More information

Reach the Foundation’s Contact Center at 1-866-9ROTARY (1-866-976-8279) or A team of Foundation specialists will answer calls Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time.

The Rotary Foundation’s tax identification number is 36-3245072.

Planned Giving

The Rotary Foundation offers several ways to structure a charitable gift that furthers Rotary’s mission. Furthermore such gifting may provide tax and other financial benefits to the donor and loved ones. There are a number of opportunities to construct a gift to the Foundation. Here are some of the available planned giving options:

  • The IRA charitable rollovers

  • Life income agreements

  • Charitable bequests

  • Life insurance

IRA Charitable Rollovers

The IRA charitable rollover has been reinstated and extended — this provision permits individuals age 701/2 and older to make tax free distributions of up to US$100,000 from an IRA directly to charity. This is effective for all of 2013. As always, consult with your advisors before making any charitable gift.

To make a gift to The Rotary Foundation from your IRA, download the IRA transfer forms or contact Planned Giving at for more information.

Rollover distributions cannot be used for donor advised funds or life income agreements.

Life income agreements — Gifts that give back

Have you ever thought about making a contribution to The Rotary Foundation during your lifetime but were concerned about outliving your resources, meeting family obligations, or preparing for retirement? A life income agreement may make it possible by providing lifetime payments to you, a loved one, or both, as well as provide immediate tax benefits and the opportunity to maximize appreciated assets, if desired. Rotary’s planned giving team can easily prepare a no-obligation illustration. Just ask! Email us at

Summary of possible benefits

  • Annual payments for you or another beneficiary

  • Immediate federal income tax deduction

  • Potential estate tax savings

  • Increased income from low-yield assets

  • Avoidance or reduction of capital gains taxes on gifts of appreciated assets

  • Opportunity to be recognized as a Major Donor to The Rotary Foundation

  • Satisfaction in knowing that your contribution will make a difference in many lives

Types of life income agreements

Charitable gift annuities

In exchange for your gift of cash or marketable securities to the Foundation, you (and another beneficiary or a survivor) receive guaranteed fixed payments for life.

Under the terms of a charitable gift annuity agreement, you make a gift of cash or publicly traded securities and, in return, collect regular payments for life that never change in size or frequency, regardless of changes in the economy. Payments to you (and another beneficiary, if you wish) are backed by the Foundation’s available assets. The number of annuitants and their ages determine the payout rate.

The Rotary Foundation’s Permanent Fund receives the charitable portion of the gift upon the death of the last annuitant. Donors interested in the stability of fixed payments tend to favor this type of life income agreement. Learn how you can make a difference in the world and your personal financial security.

Deferred charitable gift annuities

Like the charitable gift annuity, the deferred charitable gift annuity is a simple agreement with regular payments that never change in size or frequency, regardless of changes in the economy. However, with a deferred charitable gift annuity, these payments are postponed for a specified time (at least one year after the date of the gift) and generally payments and tax deductions are greater.

The size of the payment you receive each year depends on the amount transferred, your age now, and your age when the payments begin. You receive a charitable income tax deduction in the year of the gift. Because you identify the date to begin payments, this life income agreement is a helpful retirement and tax planning tool.

The minimum contribution for either annuity type is US$10,000 and the minimum age of the beneficiary is 50.

Charitable remainder trusts

A charitable remainder trust is a trust into which you irrevocably place assets in exchange for an income, either for life or a certain number of years. These trusts allow you to reduce capital gains taxes on gifts of appreciated property and are a great strategy for incorporating charity into your estate plans.

A charitable remainder trust can be funded with cash, real estate, publicly traded stock, closely held stock, bonds (including tax-exempt bonds), and certain other assets. You will receive payments at a rate agreed upon by you and the Foundation, with a minimum of 5 percent of the initial trust principal. There are two types of charitable remainder trusts:

  • Unitrust — Income fluctuates annually with the trust’s fair market value

  • Annuity trust — Income payments are fixed and determined when the gift is made

Payments from both trusts are backed only by the trust’s assets. The minimum amount needed to form a trust at The Rotary Foundation, with Rotary as trustee, is $100,000 and the minimum beneficiary age is 50. Please contact or (847) 866-3100 to discuss how a trust could help in your particular situation.

Pooled income fund

The contributions of many individuals are pooled and invested under professional management. Each contribution purchases “units” in the fund at their current value, and you or another beneficiary receive a proportional share of the fund’s net income on a quarterly basis.

Participating in the pooled income fund is easy and requires a smaller investment than other life income agreements. The minimum initial gift is US$5,000 and involves the irrevocable transfer of property, such as cash or publicly traded securities, to the fund. Similar to a mutual fund, the income you receive is based on your gift’s fair market value and the variable rate of return that the fund is producing. The fund’s investment objective is to secure a reasonable current rate of return consistent with the preservation and long-term growth of principal. Pooled income fund gifts support the Permanent Fund.

More information on life income agreements contact 847-866-3100 or

Charitable bequests — Gifts through your estate

Each year, thousands of Rotarians and friends designate a portion of their assets in their estate plans to benefit the Foundation. Bequests made through wills or living trusts play an important role in securing the future of Foundation programs by building the Permanent Fund. These commitments also enable individuals to make gifts that may not have been possible during their lifetimes.

Bequests can take several forms:

  • Specific bequest — Gives the Foundation a specific piece of property: “I give 500 shares of stock.”

  • Residual bequest — Designates all or a portion of whatever remains after all debts, taxes, and expenses have been paid: “I give 50 percent of the next residue and remainder of my estate.”

  • Contingent bequest — Takes effect only under certain conditions: “In the event that my spouse does not survive me, I give to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, an Illinois not-for-profit corporation, the sum of . . .”

The Foundation’s tax identification number is 36-3245072. To request more information, call 847-866-3100 or email .

The Foundation cannot provide legal or financial advice. We urge you to consult with your legal representative or financial adviser to determine the appropriate way to give and the best language to use when making a bequest.

Allow:  the Foundation to thank the giver by completing the response card attached to the Rotary Legacy Brochure (PDF), once their gift is finalized.

Learn How:  Foundation recognizes charitable bequests

Life insurance

Life insurance gifts can provide a significant, cost-effective gift to The Rotary Foundation and may be structured as a

  • Beneficiary designation. Identifying Rotary as the named beneficiary of an existing insurance policy is a great way to utilize a policy that is no longer needed. You simply complete the insurance company’s change of beneficiary forms and let The Rotary Foundation know.
  • Ownership transfer. In certain situations, The Rotary Foundation can accept full ownership of an insurance policy and also be the beneficiary.

Contact for more information on how to use existing insurance policies to make a legacy gift to The Rotary Foundation.

Read: detailed instructions on life insurance gifts, or contact the Gift Administration Department.

More information

To request more information, submit an online inquiry form, call 847-866-3100, or contact your international office.

In addition, you may get in touch with the Contact Center at 1-866-9ROTARY (1-866-976-8279) or . A team of Foundation specialists will answer calls Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time.

Read:  the Foundation’s Gift Acceptance Policy Manual  (PDF).

Donor Advised Fund

The Rotary Foundation Donor Advised fund is a convenient way to simplify your charitable giving and take advantage of tax savings at the same time. A donor advised fund account is similar to an investment account earmarked exclusively for charitable giving. It allows you to make contributions and grant recommendations to the Foundation and other preferred charities at your convenience.

You can direct your Annual Fund gift to SHARE, the World Fund, or an area of focus fund.

In many ways, donor advised giving is like having  a personal foundation to support your favorite causes, but without the hassles and paperwork. An account may be established by individuals or Rotary-affiliated groups.


Donor advised fund accounts offer these benefits:

  • Support to The Rotary Foundation and other preferred charities

  • Immediate tax benefits

  • Professional asset management

  • Flexibility to make grant recommendations suited to your timetable

  • Easy record-keeping and tax reporting

  • Bequest Society membership for individual donor advised fund account holders

  • No start-up fees

Individual Accounts

As an individual or married couple, a donor can establish a donor advised fund account with The Rotary Foundation. (Individual accounts can have a maximum of two account holders.)

Group Accounts

As a representative of a Rotary-affiliated group, a donor can establish an advised fund account with The Rotary Foundation on behalf of a group. At least two account holders must be listed on all group accounts, and a single account can have a maximum of four account holders.

More information

Read the DONOR ADVISED FUNDS LEAFLET for all the current information.

To request more information call 847-866-3100, or e-mail

 * At this time, the donor advised fund is structured for the United States. If the donor is not  a U.S. citizen, contact The Rotary Foundation before trying to establish an account. Also note that regulations regarding tax deductions for charitable giving vary at the state level; check with your tax adviser. Deductions discussed in Foundation resources refer specifically to U.S. federal taxes and could change.


Recurring Giving

Recurring giving: Rotary Direct:  Enroll in The Rotary Foundation’s Recurring Giving Program, Rotary Direct, and save time, money, and lives through your generous contributions. Select an amount, frequency (monthly, quarterly or annually), and contribution method that is convenient for you. You may even direct your contributions to one of Rotary’s six areas of focus.

The Rotary Foundation will send you an annual statement of Rotary Direct contributions for tax purposes (where applicable). For questions, please email or call at 866-9-ROTARY.

Rotary Foundation Sustaining Members

You can help ensure the continued success of Foundation programs by contributing a minimum of $100 each year. With a gift from every Rotarian, every year, the Foundation can do more good in the world.

Read more: about the recognition and opportunities for Sustaining Members

More information

The Rotary Foundation’s tax identification number is 36-3245072.

Memorials and Tribute Gifts

You can direct your Annual Fund gift to SHARE, the World Fund, or an area of focus fund. A gift to The Rotary Foundation for a loved one is meaningful way to honor or memorialize that person. Tribute gifts may be for a birthday, wedding, graduation or any special event or occasion.

Why not let your gift build a bridge of hope for those less fortunate around the world? Your generosity can provide food for a hungry child, clean water for an entire village, medicine for the sick, and thousands of other good works in our global community.

When you make a tribute or memorial gift, The Rotary Foundation will send a letter to the recipient or the recipient’s family to let them know about your gift. The amount of your gift is not disclosed. The TRFWe also will send an acknowledgment to you as the donor. You will receive a separate tax receipt for gifts above US$25.

A Memorial or Tribute gift by check

Make your check payable to “The Rotary Foundation” for U.S. contributions and to “The Rotary Foundation (Canada)” for Canadian contributions. Send it with the completed…

Download:  Memorial or Tribute Gift form (PDF), including the honoree and acknowledgment information, to this address:  The Rotary Foundation, 14280 Collections Center Dr. , Chicago, IL 60693

Note: Memorial envelopes for the United States (111) and Canada (112) are available free from Rotary’s Publications Order Services. To place an order, visit, call 847-866-4600, or fax 847-866-3276.


For more information or questions, contact


Rotary District 6970 York Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit (501.3c) corporation located in Jacksonville, Florida. It was founded in 1983. The York Foundation assists district 6970 clubs to be able to accept tax deductible contributions and to provide the necessary tax receipt. 

The York Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation originally set up by PDG E.T. York of the Rotary Club of Gainesville. The Foundation was later transferred to the District for administration and oversight. The District administers the corporation and issues receipts to contributors in compliance with the IRS so that clubs do not have to be concerned with the expense of setting up a 501(c)(3 corporation of their own. Each club in the district has an account within the York Foundation.

The organization IRS foundation code is a 170(b)(1)(a)(vi) organization, which indicates it receives a substantial part of its support from the general public.

Rotary District 6970 York Foundation, Inc. IRS classification is a charitable organization.

DOWNLOAD:  York Foundation Contribution Form (.doc)

DOWNLOAD: York Foundation Check Request Form (.doc)