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District Foundation Leadership

PDG Jeanette Loftus

District Rotary Foundation Chair 2020-23 Rotary Club Flagler County

The objective of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is the achievement of world understanding and peace through international humanitarian and educational programs.

The Chair of the District Rotary Foundation Committee coordinates activities of all Foundation subcommittees, the Year 2 Assistant Governors and the Club Foundation Chairs.  In addition, the Chair performs the following:

  • Coordinate and Design “Foundation” presentations/mini programs to be made by members of the Foundation committee to clubs promoting Foundation Giving and programs.
  • Organize, promote, and present Foundation oriented materials at the District Foundation Seminar a/k/a Vibrant Club Seminar, District Team Training Seminar, District Training Assembly and District Conference.
  • Track and tabulate Foundation Giving throughout the District and promote/encourage timely submission of funds to The Rotary Foundation and reports to DG and Rotary International.

District Grants Chair: Richard E. Turnbull, Rotary Club of St. Augustine Beach

Global Grants Chair: John Caulfield, Rotary Club of Jacksonville

End Polio Now Co-Chairs: Rich & Marie Turnbull, Rotary Club of St. Augustine Beach

Major Gifts/Endowment Fund Chair: Ken Baker, Rotary Club of West Jacksonville

Annual Giving Fund Chair: Russ Miller, Rotary Club of Green Cove Springs

Paul Harris Society Chair: Larry Klaybor, Rotary Club of Orange Park

Peace Fellow Scholarship Chair: Rick Tryon, Rotary Club of Ponte Vedra Beach

Audit and Stewardship Chair: Art MacQueen, Rotary Club of Flagler Beach

Assistant Area Governors: Foundation

Area 1RC of Amelia Island SunriseDiane Marie Robar
Area 2RC of Downtown Ormond BeachBrandon Perry
Area 3RC of Orange Park SunriseSusan Hill
Area 4RC of Amelia Island SunriseTheresa M. Shuster
Area 5RC of Bartram Trail-Julington CreekScott Burgess
Area 6RC of JacksonvilleGerald P. Kelley, Jr.
Area 7RC of Jacksonville Beach RotaractCharlie Flynn
Area 8RC of Port Orange-South DaytonaHewitt J. Dupont
Area 9RC of Keystone HeightsPaul A. Fessenden
Area 10RC of DelandBrittany G. Gloersen
Area 11RC of Ocala-Silver SpringsStanley W. Plappert
Area 12Satellite RC of St AugustineDaniel Hilbert

Role Of Foundation Assistant Area Governor (Year 2)

  • Read the Club Rotary Foundation Committee Manual (available on
  • Be able to demonstrate My Rotary and Rotary Central to the Club Foundation Chairs.
  • Be familiar with the Learning and Reference section of
  • Be able to send Club Foundation Chairs (or the President if there is no Foundation Chair) resources and respond to questions when asked.
  • Subscribe to the Rotary Leader, Rotary Training Talk, and Weekly Update Newsletters (log in to My Rotary, Member News tab, Newsletters) so that you are well informed. The Area Governor will forward information to Presidents as warranted.
  • Attend the Grant Management Seminar at District Assembly or the August training seminar.
  • Subscribe to the End Polio Now and Rotary Giving and Grants newsletters.
  • Forward relevant information to Club Foundation Chairs (or the President if there is no Foundation Chair) without overloading them.
  • Serve on the District Foundation Committee and report to the District Foundation Chair. Advise the Presidents and Club Foundation Chairs that you are there to help them and determine if they want your help. If they do not want yourhelp, just make your quarterly club visit as coordinated by the Area Governor.
  • Keep the DG and District Foundation Chair updated on clubs. When the DGE asks for help in emailing club presidents information or requesting that clubs complete a request,do so promptly. For some Presidents,phone calls may be necessary.
  • Request to have the District Foundation Chair as a program and attend that meeting.
  • Develop a relationship with the Foundation Chair of each club.
  • Offer to each club to induct new Paul Harris Fellows. Be able to interpret Foundation reports and educate Foundation Chairs in each club on those reports.
  • Show opportunities they have for making new Paul Harris Fellows.
  • Encourage them to solicit new Society, Bequest, and Benefactor members. Encourage clubs to submit Foundation monies mid-year and in May so that their clubs and the District demonstrate goals have been achieved before year end.
  • Encourage clubs to have members enroll in Rotary Direct so Foundation money goes directly to RI thereby saving secretaries and treasurers work.
  • Assist clubs in developing projects and grant applications. Encourage clubs to partner in projects and grant applications.
  • Follow up on the grant reporting status of clubs. As incoming Area Governor, help Presidents-elect in establishing goals in each area prior to PETS. This again requires familiarity with Rotary Central.
  • Attend pre-PETS (PETS One) and PETS. Prior to PETS, begin mentoring Year1 AG for Year 2 role.

Foundation Committees

This subcommittee oversees the education of clubs through the Grant Management Seminars as well as overseeing the grant applications process from beginning to end. This subcommittee also assists clubs in the qualification process utilizing the (MOU) Memorandum of Understanding for both District and Global Grants

John Caufield, Chair
Rotary Club of Jacksonville

This subcommittee oversees the education of clubs through the Grant Management Seminars as well as overseeing the Global Grant applications process from beginning to end while assisting in the communication process with The Rotary Foundation.

Rich & Marie Turnbull, Co-Chairs
Rotary Club of St. Augustine Beach

Since the PolioPlus program’s inception in 1985, more than two billion children have received oral polio vaccine. But Rotary’s work is not done: The disease has not yet been eradicated. This subcommittee works to complete Rotary’s goal of a polio-free world.

Russ Miller, Chair
Rotary Club of Green Cove Springs

The Annual Giving Fund subcommittee is responsible for all non-restricted fund raising efforts in the District, except those which are directed toward planned giving programs Annual Giving Fund.

Ken Baker, Chair
Rotary Club of West Jacksonville

The Endowment Fund is the Foundation’s endowed fund, with gifts held in perpetuity. Spendable earnings from the fund supplement the Annual Fund and support Rotary’s highest priorities, including global grants and the Rotary Peace Centers. The Foundation has set a goal of $1 billion in Endowment Fund assets by 2025, ensuring its capacity to meet future needs. Donors typically support the Endowment Fund through outright and planned gifts. The opportunities in many countries include:

  • Bequest commitments
  • Life insurance
  • Marketable securities
  • Real estate
  • Charitable trusts or annuities Endowment Fund recognition opportunities include:
  • Benefactor
  • Bequest Society
  • Major Donor
  • Arch C. Klumph Society

Larry Klaybor, Chair
Rotary Club of Orange Park

The Paul Harris Society is comprised of individuals and Clubs who contribute $1,000 or more each year, on a continuing basis, to The Rotary Foundation. The goals of this subcommittee are to promote the Society and to increase the number of Rotarians, Clubs and others who are Paul Harris Society members.

Rick Tryon, Chair
Rotary Club of Ponte Vedra Beach

Rotary’s commitment to peace and the generosity of Rotarians around the world combine to make the Rotary Peace Centers program distinctive and successful. Clubs and districts have the power to shape the next generation of peace leaders by recruiting and nominating peace fellows, and keeping them engaged after the fellowship ends.

Rotary Peace Fellowship Chair oversees the Rotary Peace Fellowship application and endorsement process. The Chair, along with additional trained Rotary endorsers, interview candidates and submit endorsement decisions. Rotary endorsement is required before The Rotary Foundation can consider a candidate. Clubs help by recommending and coaching qualified candidates.

Cynde Covington, Liaison Chair Rotary Club of

The Jaguars have been a community partner with our Rotary District since almost the day the franchise located in Jacksonville in 1995.  Our relationship with them has yielded well over $500,000 in our fight against polio and they have supported other charitable efforts in our NorthEast Florida Communities as well.  The Liaison maintains our relationship and creates ticket, attendance and recognition opportunities each season.

Art MacQueen, Chair
Rotary Club of Flagler Beach

The A&S Committee is responsible for ensuring the careful management of Rotary Grant Funds and reviewing their expenditures at the close of the Rotary Year.   Additionally, they are involved with resolving any mismanagement, improper, incomplete or inaccurate reporting of grant funded projects.